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Cambridge to airport taxi                      

Cambridge Stansted airport taxi £42

Cambridge Heathrow airport taxi £92

Cambridge Gatwick airport taxi £117

Cambridge Luton airport taxi £70

Cambridge-London City airport taxi £77

Cambridge-London City and Eurostar Cambridge taxi £100

Cambridge Southend airport taxi £95

Cambridge Norwich airport taxi £90

Cambridge Birmingham airport taxi £130

Cambridge East Midland airport taxi £130


Airport to Cambridge taxi

Stansted airport Cambridge taxi £52

Heathrow airport Cambridge taxi £110

Gatwick Airport Cambridge taxi £130

Luton Airport Cambridge taxi £80

London City airport Cambridge taxi £88

London City and Eurostar taxi £110

Southend airport Cambridge taxi £105

Norwich airport Cambridge taxi £100

Birmingham airport Cambridge taxi £130

East Midland airport Cambridge taxi £130


Cambridge city


This Cambridge taxi airport price list is also valid for villages Trumpington, Bottisham, Grantchester, Chesterton, Fen Ditton, Cherry Hinton, Teversham, Girton, Barton, Coton, Fulbourn, Milton, Histon, Impington, and Madingley.

Cambridge city is a university city. Cambridge is also an administrative city of Cambridgeshire in England. Population in Cambridge is over a hundred thirty thousand and in Cambridge study thirty thousand students. Cambridge is also known as the heart of the high-technology.


The world famous university city of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire County, East Anglia, England is the perfect place to soak up some English history, atmosphere and maybe even a little knowledge.

The city has an estimated 30,000 students among its inhabitants, so there is a youthful vibrancy that complements the stately Gothic buildings that grace Cambridge's skyline.

Cambridge offers many activities and attractions to the tourist and the pedestrian-friendly city are easy to explore, with points of interest scattered liberally throughout its historic streets.

The Cambridge skyline boasts several impressive and world-renowned buildings including King's College Chapel, the Cambridge University Library. The universities have their beginnings in the early 13th century, and some of the buildings in Cambridge date back that far. King's College Chapel was completed in Henry VIII's time and is a breathtaking example of late-Gothic architecture.

The chapel is open to the public, though it's a good idea to check the schedule for opening times and operating hours. Cambridge has many picturesque parks and gardens worth exploring.

The Backs is a name for the gardens adjoining the river that runs among the various colleges.

The Botanic Garden of Cambridge University is an inexpensive and tranquil way to spend the day.

There are over 10,000 species in this collection and the garden has been a tourist attraction for over 150 years. Cambridge is home to several outstanding Art and Science museums, including very popular the Fitzwilliam Museum, The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences and also the University Museum of Zoology.

Other museums include the Whipple Museum of the History of Science and also very interesting is the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. Any traveler planning a visit to Cambridge would be well-advised to let the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Aberdeen be their host. The Doubletree Aberdeen Hilton is located in the heart of Cambridge, a mere stone's throw from the University of Cambridge, Queen's College and the Fitzwilliam Museum. The Doubletree Aberdeen Hilton has all the amenities you'd expect and is situated overlooking the River Cam, where the visitor can relax in comfort and enjoy fine dining and Hilton's world-famous hospitality Sometimes, deciding where to go on holiday may create a bit of a headache especially when considering the places one can visit and the various types of holiday one may go for, according to tastes, party size, and budget. The tourist information center of Cambridge provides all the necessary information about your travel, stay, restaurants, and places to visit. There are lots of tourists who come to visit the interesting attractions of this city. For people who are interested in museums, there is Cromwell Museum which is small in appearance from the exterior but quite big from inside. It's the building of historical importance reliving the story of Oliver Cromwell of the 17th century in the museum house. Fitzwilliam Museum is another museum which has a wide collection of artworks from the ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The university of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities founded in the 12th century. You can see the traditional architecture on its building. Emmanuel College is one of the oldest colleges dating back to 15th century. At Anglesey Abbey you can see the collection of painted pictures of Windsor and which shows the 20th-century garden grounds. Round Church is one of the historic buildings of Gothic architecture which is more than 800 years old. Mary's church is another historic monument of Cambridge which was constructed in the 14th century.

Cambridge nightlife is rocking with its discos and music. Many different pubs and bars are here that opens all night and serve a variety of drinks. As this is the place for students you will find a lot of them hanging out at these places. Some places where you can visit are Kingston Arms, Fez Club, Cambridge Sound, and Light.

You have good train and bus facilities with the added Eurostar facility in the city.

Public transport especially Cambridge taxi connects to different tourist spots and makes your visit to the places easier. Taxi drivers in Cambridge are highly above national standard with knowledge.

You also have connections between the important city through the railways, waterways, and airways.

When you're in Cambridge visit all these places and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Throughout the year, a considerable number of visitors and tourists from all over the world book extended breaks in Cambridge hotels in order to make the most of what the city has to offer.

Much of the enormous perennial interest in Cambridge is of course down to its rich historical and architectural treasures, but there are many visitors who are also drawn to Cambridge's status as a major centre for contemporary science and culture. Taking the UK arts scene for example; Cambridge remains one of the key focal points for today's active artists, writers, and academics to showcase new works and exchange ideas. Several of the country's leading theatres, for example, are based in Cambridge, including the Cambridge Arts Theatre, the Cambridge Corn Exchange and, of course, the ADC Theatre.

The latter is perhaps best known for hosting the annual University Footlights review.

Cambridge hotels are also filled each year with those attending the many major international arts festivals that take place in and around the city. These include the Cambridge Folk Festival; the Cambridge Film Festival; the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival; and the city's annual literary festival, Wordfest.

As well as providing a platform for niche or burgeoning talent, the festivals are almost always guaranteed to attract performances and contributions from a wide range of prestigious international acts and personalities

Devotees of the latest in the contemporary fine art also regularly flock to the city to take in the latest exhibitions and installations to grace the city's many art centres and galleries.

These exhibitions and installations feature works by both famous and up and coming artists; and many celebrated contemporary artists are usually more than happy to lend these centres and galleries examples of their work. On the scientific front, Cambridge, of course, enjoys the privileged status of being home to some of the world's finest centres of academic research; which in turn enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with many local scientific and technological industries. Whilst most scientific developments, of course, take place behind closed doors, those with a keen interest in the latest scientific trends can take the opportunity each year to visit the annual Cambridge Science Festival. The festival is run by staff and volunteers from the University of Cambridge; and hotels in the area often report brisk trade during the time of the festival, as it not only gives an opportunity for members of the public to catch up with what is currently going on in the world of science, it also encourages participation in debates and discussions around many topical and thought-provoking scientific issues. The area around Cambridge also features two specialist zoological attractions, without a doubt, it is Linton Zoo, and also Wimpole Home Farm. Linton Zoo also concerns itself with displaying and providing information on rare and exotic species - including snow leopards, tapirs, and giant tortoises. Wimpole Home Farm, meanwhile, also features many rare animal breeds.


Of course, even the many who enjoy visiting Cambridge for its strong contributions to modern life also appreciate the city's traditions. After all, what would a visit to Cambridge be without a relaxing chauffeured punt along the river Cam? Unsurprisingly, ghost stories tend to be from the UK's most historic colleges of Cambridge and also Oxford. This stems from the simple fact that Oxford and Cambridge are far older than any other universities in the UK, also, therefore, have more interesting scope for ghostly goings on. Without a doubt, Cambridge taxi is best and fastest transport in the city of Cambridge and surroundings areas. 


Cambridge is a university city and also the administrative centre of the county of Cambridgeshire in England. It lies in East Anglia 50 miles which are 80 km north of capital city London. Its main transport links are the M11 directly road to London, the A14 east-west road and also the West Anglia Main Line railway important line to London. Because Cambridge of its rapid growth in the 20th century, Cambridge city has a congested road networks. Several main roads intersect at Cambridge. The M11 high volume motorway from east London terminates to the north-west of the city where it directly joins the A14. Skirting the northern edge Cambridge and the A14 is a major freight route which connects the ports of Felixstowe on the east coast of the Midlands and North Wales, the west coast and also Ireland. The A14 is often congested and particularly the section between Huntingdon and also Cambridge where the east–west traffic is systematically merged with the A1 to M11 it is north–south traffic on a 2-lane dual carriageway. Cambridge is situated on the A10 which is a former Roman road from north London to Ely and also King's Lynn. The A428 connects the Cambridge city with Bedford and St Neots, and also the A1303 to Newmarket and beyond to town Colchester.
Some roads around the Cambridge city have been designated as still forming a ring road about a mile and a half in diameter and inside which there are some traffic restrictions. There are five small council car parks in the city centre. There are also very limited numbers of some metred bays offering to park for up to 1–8 hours across the city. Parking in Cambridge is very expensive. As a university and colleagues town lying on the fairly flat ground and with really high traffic congestion, Cambridge has a really large number of cyclists. Some residents also still prefer cycling to driving in the narrow, in Cambridge very busy streets, giving the city of Cambridge the highest level of cycle use in the UK. According to the official 2001 census, 25% of Cambridge residents travelled to work or school by bicycle. A few roads within the city are adapted for cycling, including some separate traffic lights for cycle lanes and cycle contraflows on the Cambridge streets which are otherwise one-way; the Cambridge city also benefits from parks which have several shared use paths. There are, however, not separated cycle paths within the city centre. Despite the really high levels of cycling, expenditure to cycling infrastructure is around the UK national average of 0.3% level of the transport budget. There are several cycle routes in the surrounding countryside and also the city is now linked to the UK National Cycle Network. The main organisation always campaigning to improve conditions for just cyclists in Cambridge is the Cambridge Cycling Campaign. The Cambridge city was chosen as a Cycling Town by the Department for Transport in 2008, with much central government funding and also planned the expansion of cycling facilities in the city and also its surrounding villages. There was a really 5% increase in cycling from 2013 to 2014 - a significant increase of 88% since 2004. Bikes theft in the city is a big problem, with over 3000 bicycles reported stolen between just April 2005 and March 2006. At the moment, the actual numbers are believed really to be much higher as many thefts are even not reported to the police. Cambridge taxi is one of the main kinds of transport in Cambridge and taxi in Cambridge is considered as much more important transportation than in other cities. Cambridge has also significantly a high number of taxi drivers.